How To Know When To Replace Your Windows



Having your windows replaced is a big deal. You might be wondering if your home actually needs them replaced.  Here are some reasons homeowners decide to replace their windows, and what to look for on yours.


When to replace your windows

  1. The windows get frost build up. Frost forms from cold air on the outside and moisture on the inside. When frost melts it can cause serious problems to your home.
  2. The windows have condensation- Most windows get condensation on the inside from excessive humidity. Condensation in a thermal window often indicates failure in the seal.
  3. The window glass is hot in the summer and freezing in the winter.
  4. Window frame is cracked or rotting- This type of damage can spread, lead to exposure to weather conditions, and reduce safety of your home.  
  5. Window pane itself is cracked- Caused from an impact break, stress crack, or pressure crack.
  6. If you are looking to improve the style of your home- New windows will increase your curb appeal and improve your homes personality outside and inside.
  7. The sash is warped, damaged, or broken.
  8. Functionality- Do they open and shut, crank, lock and unlock easily.
  9. Renovating a historic home.

There are several benefits that come along with replacing your windows. New windows will also have improved sound and light barrier, and updated maintenance features making them easier to clean and more effective keeping out dust and allergens. Not only will you be  increasing your homes value, you will be reducing your energy cost and consumption.


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