What To Expect When Replacing Your Windows

Most homeowners only go through the process of replacing their windows once or twice in a lifetime. Knowing what is going to happen next can make you feel more prepared and confident with the work that’s happening within your home. Here’s the process broken down into 3 simple steps.


Step 1- Removing Old Windows
Understandably this can be the most worrisome step involved to homeowners. Typical concerns are that the homes walls or flooring will be damaged during the removal process. We can assure you that we take all proper precautions needed to protecting your home.
Drop cloths and other necessary protective materials will cover the flooring. To remove the old window the installers will first remove any old caulk, and seals, and pop out the glass one by one.
The rest of the removal will vary slightly based on the materials of the existing window and its surroundings.
If you have wood windows with good interior trim, only the sashes will be removed. This is done without disturbing the good interior trim.  If the wood windows have an interior trim that is in poor condition both that and the sashes will be removed.
If your old windows are aluminum or vinyl the frame is carefully collapsed inward to be removed.  
We take care of all of the old window pieces by safely disposing of them. Now with an open hole in the wall, we will continue to Step 2, inserting the new replacement window.  


Step 2- Installing New Window
Our installers can now easily insert the new frame into the opening. The frame is screwed securely into place from the inside of the frame into the wall. Our detailed measurements taken before the windows were ordered ensure a perfect fit. Now that the frame is set in place, the new window sashes are put into their tracks. These are the actual panels with glass panes in them.


3rd Step- Trimming the New Window
Caulking and trimming the edges of the window frame is the final step of installing your homes new windows. Not only does this complete the barrier between the indoors and outdoors, it creates a smooth transition between window barrier and wall. Professional caulking is done on the inside and outside of the new window.
The last step in the window replacement process is a final clean up. Each of the newly installed windows are wiped clean, we remove the floor coverings, do a final sweep of any debris, and clean up inside and outside the home. That’s it! Now your home has beautiful new windows for you to enjoy.


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